Our name is inspired by a 26 years old young, brave woman, born in Iran, who felt confined in a male dominant society. Her name is Neda Agha Sultan. She always searched for a way to exercise more freedom in her own country.

This young woman saw hope in the presidential candidate  Mr. Mousavi because of what he advocated. But unfortunately, in 2009, the conservative Ahmadi Najad won the elections and his victory fired up all suspicions and riots.

In the protest following this election, Neda Sultan was advised by her mother to stay put and not participate but she wanted to be part in creating change and as a result of her participation she was shot in the heart and she bled to death. Her story immediately became viral.

Her name in farsi means voice, and with her death she managed to let the whole world hear her cries for justice and a more liberal, accepting world. 

In arabic, Neda means calling; and it is a calling that we are trying to do with this movement, a calling for equality and ending discrimination.